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A culture of excellence.

Buttonwood Capital Advisors (BCA) has a long history of innovation, industry leadership, and performance for our clients and investing partners.


We are committed to building generational relationships founded on trust, integrity and personal service. The idea of relative value and the objective comparison of risk and return, guides both our approach to service and our investment decisions.

With our diverse backgrounds in finance, investing, accounting, tax planning, risk and asset management, we are uniquely positioned to help you meet and exceed your retirement goals.

As an Investment Advisor, we operate with a fiduciary duty. This means that our client’s best interests are first and foremost in any decision that we make. We operate as a “fee only” firm – we are compensated solely by our clients. We do not make a commission from third parties on any product, we do not split fees and there are no hidden costs. We will never recommend a product unless it fits your individual risk tolerance.

BCA Advantage.


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Market Intelligence

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Given constantly changing economic conditions, it’s imperative that you stay informed of the latest market trends. Whether you are evaluating new markets managing existing investments, you need fast, reliable access to data that will allow you to make the best decisions for you and your organization — both now and in the future.

We monitor SEC filings, large shareholder and director purchases/sales, AAII sentiment reports and put/call ratios in each security we cover.